Settings are displayed by pressing the leftmost buttonin the upper right of the window, or the buttonon the upper left of the window.
To close the settings please press the button at the top right.

Changes in settings will be applied immediately, except for some. However, it will not be reflected on the contents being displayed or loaded. It will be reflected when that content is displayed again.


Here we will set up the basic settings.


You can switch the appearance.

  • Light
    It will be based on white.

  • Dark
    It will be based on black.

[Data Folder]

Select the folder where the contents of the image or video to be displayed are placed. In the default state, it is the “Pictures” folder of the user who is signed in.
When you press button, the folder selection dialog box is displayed and you can select the folder. If the clipboard contains text, button will appear and you can paste it.


Set the display time of the content, transition effect (transition), and so on.

[Duration for each content]

Set the time to display each content in seconds. After the specified time elapses, the next content will be switched. The time set here is common to all contents.

  • 110 second increments
    When checked, the number that increases or decreases with the button

    becomes 110 second unit.

  • Video playback use its own duration
    When checked, video content will not be played for the specified time, but will be played back until the end of the movie before switching to the next content.


You can specify the display effect (transition) when each content switches. Transitions are applied within the time of the switched content. The transition set here will be the same setting for all contents.


Specify the type of transition. Specify from the following.

  • None
    Switch to the next content without display effect.

  • Fade
    It changes gradually as the transparency of the next content changes.

  • Fade via Color
    It gradually changes to the specified color and then gradually to the next content. – It has been added at Ver.2.2 –

  • Wipe
    The following content is displayed from one side so as to wipe off the current content.

  • Blind
    Like the window blind, the following content is displayed in several streaks.

  • Slide
    The next content will be displayed from one side to slide.

  • Scroll
    The displayed content slides to one side and the next content slides from the other side.

  • Star
    The next content expands from a small star to a big star and spreads in the display area. Or the current content shrinks to a small star and disappears. This depends on the “Direction” setting.

  • Circle
    The next content expands from a small circle to a large circle and spreads in the display area. Or the current content shrinks to a small side and disappears. This depends on the “Direction” setting.

  • Ramdom
    Every time content is switched, transitions from fade to circular are randomly chosen and applied. Directions are randomly chosen.


Set the time to activate the transition in 110 second increments. It can not be set beyond the display time.


Specify the direction of the transition. If you select Fade, you can not specify the direction.


Specify the fade color to use when “Fade via Color” type is selected.

Disable Transition on Video Content - macOS only

Avoid using transitions when switching to video content. If you have checked [Other]-[Enable Video Widget], you can reduce the display distortion by checking this function.

Preview Transition

You can see how the specified transition works. Click the “Start Preview” button to start the transition.


[Color of content empty area]

Sets the background color of each content. The background color is displayed in the margin part when “Uniform” is selected in “Stretch Content”. Also, if the image contains a transparent color, that part will be the background color specified here. When you press the button, the selecting color box is displayed.

[Stretch Content]

Content aspect ratio does not necessarily match the aspect ratio of SmartSignage window. If they do not match, you specify here how to display that content.

  • Fill
    Scale the content to fit the SmartSignage window. If the aspect ratio of the content does not match the aspect ratio of the window, it will be displayed stretched vertically or horizontally (or pressed)

  • Uniform
    If the aspect ratio of the content does not match the aspect ratio of SmartSignage’s window, the entire content is displayed by aligning the long side of the content with the window. The background color is displayed in the margin part.

  • Uniform to Fill
    If the aspect ratio of the content does not match the aspect ratio of SmartSignage’s window, it displays the short side of the content so that it does not have a margin by matching it with the window. The part which did not fit in the window is clipped.

[Web Cache]

Specify how to handle the cache of the web view.

  • On Disk
    The cache will remain even after SmartSignage is terminated. The expiration date of the cache depends on the website settings.

  • On Memory
    The cache will disappear when SmartSignage is closed.

  • No Cache
    The cache will not be used. Using this setting is recommended if the website changes frequently. Please note that the display speed will be slow.

[Show Only First Page in PDF]

If it was checked, only first page in PDF file will be shown. Unchecked, all pages in PDF file will be shown.


If the movie contains audio, it will be muted.


Make SmartSignage appear in front of other windows. There is no effect when the window of another application is set to “Topmost”. This setting will be applied after SmartSignage is restarted.

[Hide Mouse Pointer on This App]

Hide the mouse pointer when you do not move the mouse for a fixed time. This setting is effective only when the mouse pointer is positioned on the SmartSignage window.

[Correct Image Orientation with EXIF]

For photos taken with a digital camera or smartphone, the orientation of the device may be saved in EXIF ​​of the image file. If this option is enabled, the image will be modified based on the orientation information.

[Expand the Video Playback Buffe]

When this option is enabled, the buffer for playing the video is doubled vertically and horizontally. You can improve the playback quality when the original size of the video is larger than the displayed size.This is a heavy load and may reduce the overall performance of the operation.

[Auto Start after Sign-in] or [Auto Start after Login]

Automatically start SmartSignage when you sign in (log on) to Windows. (On Ubuntu edition at login)

[Contrast Adjustment]

When the color space of the video content is “BT.2020”, the contrast is automatically adjusted. Please remove the check if PC or display supports HDR and display problem occurs.

[Enable Video Widget] - macOS only

If the video content has a lot of data such as 4K HDR, it may not play smoothly. In that case, if you check it, the display may be improved. However, the display may be distorted at the time of screen transition. You can reduce the display distortion by checking [Disable Transition on Video Content] in [Behavior]-[Transition] settings.

[Enable Trackpad Gesture Resizing] - macOS only

When the control bar is displayed, you can use the trackpad’s scaling gesture to resize the window.

License Key

You can enter and register your License Key.

[Input License Key]

This is a field for entering the License Key. You can enter only alphanumeric characters. The hyphen (-) is automatically entered.
If the input is correct, you will seeon the left.
If it is wrong is displayed.
Please press “Register” button after input.
By pressing, you can erase the entered it and re-enter the License Key. If the clipboard contains text, button will appear and you can paste it.

[Registerd License Key]

Click or tapon the left to display the registered license key. (Display of only the first 5 characters and last 5 characters)

When you press the displayed License Key, the “Unregister” menu will be displayed. If you select “Unregister”, the registered License Key will be deleted and you will return to the free version SmartSignage.