About SmartSignage 2.1

SmartSignage 2.1 is an application that easily executes digital signage like a slideshow on a PC with Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 or Ubuntu 18.04 TLS.
SmartSignage switches and displays images, videos and web pages stored in it in order of name just by specifying a folder. You can specify the time to switch, and you can also specify that the video should be switched after the playback time has ended. You can add a display effect (transition) at the time of switching.

WebView (the ability to display web pages) has been included since version 2.1.

Refer to this help for detailed usage.
Note: This document is written for Windows edition. Some contents may differ in the Ubuntu edition.

About copyright and immunity
The copyright of “SmartSignage for Windows” (hereinafter, referred to as “SmartSignage”) is owned by Fukuneko Inc.(hereinafter, referred to as “Fukuneko”) Fukuneko and distributors are exempted from all defects caused by the installation and use of SmartSignage. Moreover, we do not do any operation guarantee. For details on licensing, please refer to “Fukuneko Software End User License Agreement” displayed at the time of installation.

About the License Key

SmartSignage can be used for free. However, the following display is added.

  • “SmartSignage” is displayed on upper left
  • “www.fukuneko.com” is displayed on the lower right
  • SmartSignage animation appears at 3 minute intervals

If you do not want to display these, purchase the License Key and enter it in the entry field of “License Key” and register.
For purchase of license key, please refer to Fukuneko’s website (Language is Japanese only).

About the store app

SmartSignage (Windows Edition) can be installed from the Microsoft Store. When installing from the Microsoft Store, it will run as the store app. When SmartSignage runs as the store app, the following functions are restricted.

  • Maximize and minimize window manipulation
  • Auto startup setting when signing in
  • Register and delete license key

Mixing the desktop app and the store app on the same PC (or device) is not recommended. Please install only one of them.